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Take a deep breath and ask in your Higher Self to step forward and help you choose the perfect card that you require in this moment. When you are ready, trust your first impulses and click on the card! Please note; these healing cards can ignite change in your body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Cards changed about once a month.
Are you ready to Be Free?
Healing Energy Cards contain 55 hand-drawn cards and an info card that are FULL of healing energy! These cards can help facilitate your healing on ALL levels - physical, emotional, mental & karmic - they can also activate your energy field to higher frequencies.
Healing Energy Cards were created by Author, Artist & Healer Lee-Anne Peters who says "these cards are so easy-to-use and can help positively change your life."
Use your cards as a therapy tool, for meditation, readings, relax with them and more. Based on Art Therapy - Healing Energy Cards will evolve with you!

Opening the cards with buzzing hands – is just the start…
Welcome to the official website for Healing Energy Cards. If you scroll down you will find the place to pick a card. I trust your selection resonates with you.
Healing Energy Cards are ultra unique and are highly energetic. You can use them to support your healing journey (personally or professionally), meditate with them or do readings for yourself or others.
We currently have decks in stock and mail out directly from our office in Australia. We do ship worldwide.
Healing Energy Cards have been completely written, illustrated and created by me, and I also self-published and self-distribute them.
Thanks for supporting my work and I trust you enjoy working with your very own deck,
Happy Healing!
Lee-Anne Peters