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People who actively work with Healing Energy Cards use them in varying ways depending on the moment, how they are feeling, what they are working through, which card/s are selected and the surroundings they are in.
Here are some different methods of use, that are used frequently;

* Place your card/s face up under your pillow. Some people are very active in the night, in this case you may like to make a little slip for the card, place it in your pillow or under the sheet. Some people are very sensitive to the high energies within the cards and cannot sleep with them; in this case I suggest placing the card/s next to your bed. During our sleeping time is one of the best times of the day where the Healing Energy Cards can work best.
* Placing the card/s face down on your body. Usually this is done when you are meditating, receiving healing or when you just need to retreat and reconnect.
* Meditating with your card/s. Placing it face up in front of you; placing your palms on the images or visualising the card in your mind. Meditating with them can offer incredible insight.
* Gently rub the card/s on your body. I have seen this many times, and heard incredible stories of healing. If you have an ache or pain in your physical body, then you can go to specialised physical healing cards like; 22. Healing Hands or 46. Spiritual Surgery and you or someone else start to gently rub the card on this area, asking the card to take the pain away. See what happens!
* Place card/s directly onto your chakras. I will talk more about specific chakras in a moment, but the cards work wonderfully with these energy centres. See where you are blocked and place cards face down and directly on there.
*  Readings with the cards. Select 1 - 25 cards for you or your client for reading.
As you can see, it is the artwork side of the card that is where the most healing energy comes from. So placing that side as close as possible to your body is the best way to work with them.

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How Healing Energy Cards Work