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Lee-Anne Peters Cards
I Love Lee-Annes healing cards soo much, they are just awesome to work with and really work! I am so grateful she made them, they are full of LOVE and healing energy...truely a MUST BUY! Gabrielle Parker

Lee-Anne's Healing Energy Cards are just wonderful to work with, they project so much energy.. just owning a pack brings beautiful balance to the home, and so many ways to work with them... Thank You Lee-Anne! Lorrae Nicklen

I love working with Healing Energy Cards, and can personally vouch for their effectiveness. Those cards really work with and on exactly what their name says: healing, energy, and healing energy. They are a power pack designed to help people help themselves. I work with mine daily, and wouldn't be without them! Kristin R

Lee-Anne's energy healing cards have and are changing my life..I am eternally grateful for the energy and healing its bringing to my home,my family and even 'the teen Namaste! Isabelle Janicaud

Lee-Anne's Healing Energy Cards have been intuitively guided & drawn with love. Each card that you draw out of the pack is exactly what you need to help you with your situation. I have personally been amazed with the power & energy that Lee-Anne's cards give, I use mine regularly & would not be complete without using them. Namaste xox - Rachel Gray

Lee-Anne's Healing Energy Cards are inspiration straight from Source. 100% correct and always on the mark, I always look forward to her intuitive guidance and wisdom. - Anthropomorphic Illumineress

FIVE....they are unique, FULL of positive energy and they allow you to use your own intuition. - Shelli L Speaks, USA

Five stars at least! I randomly select one each day, opening to whichever card presents itself, and sometimes meditate with it as well. I also keep at least one under my pillow at night with a crystal. They helped me remember my twin flame! ~ Kristin Radtke, USA

They are very easy to use, I put my card for the week under my pillow and this has helped with my healing. My outlook on life, my mentality, my emotions has changed more positively and continues to improve daily. 4/5 Well Done - Kartya Wunderle

Hi, I received my cards today and they are beautiful.
Thank You so much for them and I have left feedback :)
Have an awesome week.
Smiles Trish, Australia

These cards are very helpful when I am needing focus for meditation, or have a question I need an answer from the Universe for. I shuffle the cards and then pull out the number that seems right, read the text and then focus on the picture whilst I meditate. They always come up with exactly the right meaning to help calm me and give me focus again. I am finding them very helpful in healing my emotions and when I ask for help when dealing with others that are feeling emotional pain. They are really inspirational indeed. Sally, Vic., Australia

As soon as I opened Lee-Anne's healing cards the energy that I felt pour out from them was amazing.
I choose one to meditate with that night, I focused on that particular card for a minute or so, looking at all the detail and was then instantly in a very deep and peaceful meditation.
I have used them pretty much daily in my own healing and also my healing of others and I have certainly not been disappointed. They have helped me, and my clients greatly. Everyone (myself included) seems to be able to connect with them very easily and also instantly.
I thank Lee-Anne greatly for sharing these with us and allowing us to self heal in a very effortless but empowering way.
Jenny Heard
Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Thank you for the super quick postage of my healing cards. And wow, the energy from them is just positively amazing ! I have meditated with whichever one I have been drawn to each night, just for 10-15 mins or so and then sleep with that same card under my pillow, and the results already after just a few night have been amazing.
Female, NSW

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